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Jakob Kempf

  • N/A-- Work for a contractor
  • 23-Construction 1505
  • Union Telecom Electrician's Apprentice
  • Union Low Voltage Electricians Apprentice , 2nd Year "Data guys" We install Wire/Cables for various types of applications; A.) Cables for voice/data and Wifi B.) Fiber Optics- We install fiber optics for short and long distances . Long ex.. Talking to Europe or Asia. Short - Fast internet, Can't be tapped, and very cost effective C.) Security- Card Access, BioMech,CCTV, and more. D.) Fire Alarm E.) Audio / Visual systems
  • 6am: Group huddle, Get told what,where, and how by foreman 7am: Hopefully its your delivery ... Unload material to different floors. 9am-12pm : Start install a J Hook route down hallways or Just use pipe in Chicago. Start pulling heads of 24 cables sometimes .... to Data closet; Make Sure you have enough. 1230 pm - 3 pm: Bring head of cables in closet and route / coil it. After that, Go and find footages for your 24 cables, figure out what would get bundled together. Bring cable pairs into the correct room and pipe.

  • I've been doing this for two years now, and enjoy it very much.

  • Working in existing buildings.... ; You never know what you're going to find in terms of building structure, have to play find me for the routes or pipes, and you're forced to adapt and overcome.

  • Completing my 2nd year of IBEW apprentice school. It is 9 weeks M-F mentally taxing---- 4 quizzes Every Friday for your four daily classes. 100 Question Midterm and FInals each class.. It is also physically tough- We do material handling like carrying tools, doing workouts with them. We also everyday have to do physical training for around a hour, they are a Small Notch under The US Army's Basic Training.. I would know

  • We do a lot of stuff with our hands so ; Gloves especially Safety Glasses- Anti Fog makes them tolerable Cooling and heating apparel Hi VIZ Hard Hats

  • I adapt and overcome problems the best i can, i plow through my problems. I am always willing to learn new and tricks .


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