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Tenacious Testers

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Neil Rhoades

  • NRCS
  • Earth Team Volunteer
  • Geologist
  • A typical day can include many different parts. Depending on the time of year I may be in the field conducting inspections which could be walking long distances in the elements. Other days I may find myself along the side of a roadway conducting a survey.

  • 4 Years

  • Challenges of the job include staying hydrated, visible, organized and maintaining comfort all day to keep going.

  • Recently I took hold of a project where I was able to go to the field by myself without a supervisor.

  • Staying hydrated is a big concern during the hot summer days. Many times I find myself along the sides of major roadways where visibility is necessary. Also in some cases we may be required to go out in cold weather where we need to say warm. Organization is also a keep part of being efficient on the job.

  • I stay tenacious by always wanting to do more. I am never happy with settling for what the average person does. I love being a geologist so I take every moment on the job with concentration and determination.


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