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Steven Sias

  • NAES
  • 22-Utilities 1504
  • Power Plant Operator
  • When other say they can't, or just plain won't drag their tire lame butts to the starting line, I'm already gone. I can out work them all from young to old, sun up to down. I enjoy work, and am not af
  • We handle the day to day operations and maintenance of running a 120MW (total Output) power plant. From making the rounds, to fixing those things that keep a power plant running, no matter if it's on the fire side, water side, the oil and grease side or that nasty thing that sparks. We git 'er done!

  • 14 years

  • Complacency among peers who want to coast into retirement, causing downtime.

  • Instructing my supervisor on how to and installing a Skyclimber in 38 minutes; inside our Zurn HRSG Low Pressure Fireside for an inspection by a contractor. We had to get him in and out and on his way.

  • It's all about safety here. The crew has a 20+ year of proven safety, so we're always looking for the best. It's gotta be rugged for the demands, but flexible enough to meet the particular needs of the job. From climbing, to crawling, turning wrenches, operating power tools, cutting and welding, and rigging... to simply taking out the trash if need be.

  • In a world where men are growing softer by the minute, you gotta get yourself outta bed early to beat this dog, I work hard so other don't have too. You can be tough, or you can be just tough enough. Why make excuses when you can say "It's not in my language!" I got a beautiful and 6 kids from 20 - 2 years old, you better wake up ready to hold on to this bunch! Hell, I got 2 girl on the end.


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