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  • Arsenal® Belts & Pouches

    That Great Big Toolbox In the Sky.

    Strap it on, snap it shut, roll it out, and cinch it tight with the Arsenal® Tool Belt Series. Because the devil is in the details, but we didn’t leave a millimeter of wiggle room for Mr. 666 to pull you down into the hellfires of your workzone. We’re talkin’ about a series of spot-on, heavy-duty canvas pouches, and 100% cotton duck aprons that leave nothing to chance — and do everything to restore your faith in a job well done.

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  • Arsenal® Bags & Organizers Series

    Big, Bigger, & Freakin' Huge.

    Arsenal® Tool Bags are equipped with a combination of strength and performance. These bags come in a variety of sizes with features like molded rubber bases for longer wear and moisture protection. Durable fabrics including 1680D ballistic polyester material make up the body for Rocky-like durability. For closures, we use only heavy-duty zippers from the world's best zipper source: YKK. Padded carry handles and a curved shoulder strap top it all off with ergonomic goodness.

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  • Arsenal® Aprons & Rollups

    Get your $h!t together

    Address the mess with Arsenal Tool Aprons and Roll-Ups. Built with equal parts “I can’t believe it survived” construction (14-oz. canvas = rhino skin) and “hey, that’s handy” design (ID tags for wrench sizes? Brilliant!). Plenty of options to match the task, too: waist aprons, wrench roll-ups, tool roll-ups and more… all field-tested to take you beyond typical shop aprons and tool organizers to a heightened state of order and clarity, from workshop to construction zone.

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  • Arsenal® Packs & Duffel Bags

    Take A Load Off Annie.

    Mankind never stops noodling on how to make things better and stronger. It’s how humans are wired. But you have credit the caveman who realized a round rock rolls a helluva lot easier than a stone block – hence, the wheel!! Our new line of packs and duffels are tough as nails and glide like an interpretive ice dancer. Packed with features galore and built out of a rugged durable fabric Ballistic Polyester, these bags will be your next trip’s best friend.

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  • Arsenal® PPE Storage Series

    Haul Or Nothing.

    These babies feature an ample storage compartment and a rugged, tear-resistant durable fabric nylon construction. Offering instant access to quarter-mask, half-mask, and full-face respirators, our respirator bags help you breathe a little easier. They are super convenient, boost compliance and safety, and are ideal for toting small tools or instruments. Now you can stop, drop, and roll on, no matter what type of respirator the job requires you to strap on.

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  • Arsenal® Fire & EMS Series

    Worth Getting Fired Up About.

    For those who understand that there’s no point in bustin’ tail if you don’t have everything you need when you get there, we proudly present the Fire & EMS Series. Constructed with a tougher-than-nails attitude, these spacious bags feature dynamic details, including: lockable pockets, fully-customizable interior compartments, rugged, durable fabric polyester exterior and reflective trim to add a level of safety to the mix.

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  • Arsenal® Hoist Buckets

    Put These On Your Bucket List.

    Arsenal® Hoist Buckets are equipped with a wicked combination of strength and performance that knocks the competition to the mat. Boasting a championship pedigree, tough-as-nails canvas, leather-reinforced stress points, bionic stitch work, and a handful of other details that make all challengers look like tomato cans. And because we keep giving, check out our industrial-strength nylon options. When you need to slug it out in the trenches, these bad boys definitely punch it up a notch.

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