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Legends of the Fall Protection

Download Our Comprehensive Objects at Heights Brochure

Those who work sky high should be afraid of having a screw loose – because even a lug nut the size of a walnut becomes a potential weapon of mass destruction when plummeting toward terra firma below. In 2014 alone, 5 percent of workplace fatalities were caused by falling objects – that’s 240 lost lives due to this preventable risk. Not sure where to start? That’s okay … once you’ve acknowledged the risk, the next step is to better understand it.

As a global leader, innovator, and pioneer in all things dropped objects prevention, we’re happy to get you going. Download our brochure – Solutions for a Drops Free Zone: The Complete Guide to Objects at Heights Safety – to learn more about the hazard of dropped objects and the innovative safety solutions that Ergodyne has pioneered to address it.

By reading brochure, you'll learn ...

  • All about the principles of vertical velocity
  • How the right tether can make all the difference
  • Why Math is your friend when working at heights


  • 3100F(x) Single Carabiner
  • 3110F(x) Dual Carabiner
  • 3108F(x) Single Locking
    Carabiner Lanyard
  • 3118F(x) Dual Locking
    Carabiner Lanyard