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May the Force NOT  Be With You

Learn the Science Behind the Safety Solutions

If you've tethered your tools before heading to your office on Cloud Nine, then bravo … we applaud your tenacious commitment to dropped objects prevention. But just as using the right torque wrench matters, choosing the right at-heights safety solution can be the difference between tragedy and triumph. If your grip slips and a tool goes tumbling, you want to feel confident you won't do the same – for the sake of you and the rest of your crew working below.

Download and read our free whitepaper - May the Force NOT Be with You: Reducing Drop Forces to Prevent Worker Falls - to further elevate your at-heights safety knowledge.

When you're working at heights, may the force NOT be with you.

By reading this white paper, you will learn ...

  • All about the principles of vertical velocity
  • How the right tether can make all the difference
  • Why Math is your friend when working at heights


  • 3100F(x) Single Carabiner
  • 3110F(x) Dual Carabiner
  • 3108F(x) Single Locking
    Carabiner Lanyard
  • 3118F(x) Dual Locking
    Carabiner Lanyard