Inventory Planning Specialist


Job Summary

Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Inventory Planning Specialist is responsible for managing all inventory control and production activities for assigned products including demand forecasting, bills of material, purchasing activity, receiving, production order activities, and inventory controls. This person will establish required inventory levels, order points, lead times and usage requirements to ensure target inventory and customer service levels are met. This person will also work closely with product managers to bring innovative, high performing products to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.


You have already accomplished (required):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, or another related field
  • 3+ year’s MRP & Inventory Management Systems
  • Superior knowledge of Office Systems (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Proficiency using Quality Systems (ISO, FDA)

You may have already accomplished (preferred):

  • Understanding of the concepts of MRP, purchase order and inventory management, integrated computer systems, project management, quality systems programs, sourcing materials

What YOU are good at:

  • Can communicate with all styles to foster ever improving teamwork
  • Is organized for productivity and efficiency, yet flexes to anticipate and meet the needs of others
  • Makes thoughtful, creative, and timely decisions after analyzing situations
  • Stays current. Demonstrates a passion for learning with reading, research, and networking

What WE are good at:

  • Working Hard. Playing Hard. Living Tenaciously
  • Making well-crafted, innovative, high-function products that Make The Workplace A Betterplace™
  • Being distinctively and disruptively creative from bow to stern
  • Endeavoring to be fair-minded, transparent and positive in all we say and do



  • Manage material requirements and demand forecasts to increase inventory turns and maintain appropriate on hand inventory levels.
    • Ensure cost-effective use of materials and supplies to give accurate inventory and bill of material records.
    • Monitor demand to better position future forecast accuracy.
  • Review inventory transactions, records and reports and reconcile inventory with supplier and/or distribution center to resolve differences.
  • Work with Sales and Marketing to understand product demand while developing production schedules and/or forecasts as necessary to facilitate material requirements planning.
    • Ensure on-time delivery levels are met while keeping inventory as a percent of sales within company objectives.
  • Negotiate and approve pricing, contracts and purchase commitments for materials, supplies and services for new products and ongoing production.
  • Work with the new product team to develop cost-effective high-quality products, considering alternative materials and processes.
    • Help monitor and strive to improve the EPX Quality System policies and procedures.
    • Administer new product set up in the ERP system and manage the change order processes for all new and changing products in area of responsibility.
  • Facilitate Engineering Change Order (ECO) requests and ensure that all necessary steps are completed and appropriately filed.
  • Maintain, monitor, and update critical item-level data in all systems – MRP, PIM, etc.
  • Monitor customer open order report to ensure corrective action on any unprocessed orders.
  • Coordinate customer order processing including logos, private label orders and any special customer needs as appropriate.


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