How to Activate Your Chill-Its Cooling Gear - Demo | Heat Stress

How to Activate Your Chill-Its Cooling Gear - Demo | Heat Stress


At Ergodyne, we offer a full line of heat-stress PPE solutions with our Chill-Its Cooling products. Our most popular gear from that line features evaporative technologies to keep workers cool in even the most extreme temperatures.

Some of these products may look similar, but they cool using different technologies. The first is a traditional and very effective cooling technology that uses non-toxic, super-absorbent acrylic polymer crystals to retain water and provide cooling relief. To activate, place the product in a sink, bucket or cooler of ice water. Let it sit for 2 - 5 minutes or until plump.

The second cooling technology utilizes a unique hyper-evaporative polyvinyl acetate or PVA material, which retains water and remains damp to the touch. CT products are less bulky than traditional cooling towels. Plus there is no residue, no time wasted waiting for activation, no need to wash your hands after use. To activate simply hold the CT product underwater for about a minute or until the PVA material is fully saturated. Twirl to activate up to 4 hours of cooling.

Our newest evaporative cooling technology is our microfiber cooling line. Made of lightweight woven material, it wicks away moisture from the wear. this next-generation cooling material is soft, machine washable, and utilizes a 50+ UPF treatment to provide superior protection from harmful UV rays. Activate by simply wetting the towel. Twirl to activate up to 2.5 hours of cooling.

To regulate the core body temperature, place your Chill-Its cooling product around your head or neck. The head and neck contain large blood vessels near the surface of the skin that will help keep the body temperature regulated.