ProFlex® 7941-CASE Cut-Resistant Protective Arm Sleeve - ANSI A4 Level, Moisture-Wicking

Regular: $2,334.85 - $2,550.05
  • CASE PACK – 240 Sleeves
  • CUT PROTECTION – TenaLux™ yarn provides ANSI A4 Cut Protection
  • MOISTURE WICKING – Fibers keep sweat off the skin for dry comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT – Features an adjustable hook and loop strap to tighten fit on upper arm/bicep and thumb hole to keep the sleeve in place for maximum protection
  • COOL TO THE TOUCH – TenaLux™ yarn combined with moisture-wicking fibers lead to the coolest feeling cut resistant sleeve on the market
  • HI-VIS COLOR – Increased visibility and safety
  • CONDUCTIVE HEAT RESISTANT – ANSI 105-2016 Level 1 Conductive Heat Resistant
  • SINGLE PACK – Sold as singles and fits on both left and right arms

CASE PACK – Includes 240 sleeves

The ProFlex® 7941 Hi-Vis Cut-Resistant Protective Arm Sleeve offers level 4 cut protection with a breathable, moisture-wicking material. This A4 cut-resistant Sleeve is an innovative, first-of-its-kind sleeve that provides protection from cuts and slashes while incorporating moisture-wicking fibers to keep workers cool.

These cut-resistant sleeves feature TenaLux yarn, which provides ANSI A4 cut protection without fiberglass or steel for non-irritating comfort. The yarn also is lighter weight and more breathable than traditional fiberglass, steel cut and Kevlar sleeves. TenaLux has a cool-to-the-touch feeling while being supremely wicking for all-day comfort.

Not only are these breathable cut-resistant sleeves designed with a lighter weight yarn, but they also feature moisture-wicking fibers to keep sweat off the skin to provide a cooler more comfortable cooling arm sleeve.

This moisture-wicking long sleeve is best for workers in construction, demolition, glass handling, fabrication and many others. 

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