Squids 3415 Glove Clip Anchor - Magnet Mount

415 Black Grabber Anchor - Magnet image 1
415 Black Grabber Anchor - Magnet image 2
keeps gear clos: holds gloves,keys, ppe, towels and more image 3
magnetic mount: attaches to any ferromagnetic surface to keep gear accessible image 4
non-marring: smooth back plate eliminates marring and rubberized cap provides friction to prevent sliding image 5
durable: temperature-resistant material image 6

Squids 3415 Glove Clip Anchor - Magnet Mount

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  • Holds face masks, gloves, mittens, keys, PPE, towels and more keeping them at the ready
  • Detachable, usable with carabiners, D-rings, etc.
  • Breakaway feature
  • Dielectric / non-conductive material
  • Magnetic base attracts to ferromagnetic surfaces
  • Encapsulated design houses magnet protecting it from the elements
  • Smooth back plate provides a non marring barrier against mounting surface
  • Rubberized cap provides a friction ring around base to prevent it from sliding
  • Patented design

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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Patented Glove Clip Anchors station Squids Glove Clips to various surfaces on the job site allowing you to keep your gear like, face masks, gloves, ice traction, cooling towels, keys and whatever else where you need it to be. Glove Clip Anchors create a modular system to move Glove Clips from belt, to locker, to truck window and beyond. The magnet anchor attracts to ferromagnetic surfaces creating a secure hold.

Learn How Glove Clips Keep PPE Close at Hand while Offering Safe Breakaway
Squids 3415 Glove Clip Securely Anchors to Magnetic Surfaces to Prevent Lost Gear and PPE

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