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We're out pounding the pavement, producing down and dirty vids to keep you in the know about our product ins and outs. But we don't stop there. We've got authentic, end user, "proof of the pudding is in the eating" videos to showcase our gear hard at work. Don’t believe us? Just watch.

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This Thermal Trapper Hat features a zippered compartment on the top to fit a removable Bump Cap Insert to provide both warmth from extreme cold and head protection to protect your cranium from bumps, scrapes, bruises and other minor head injuries.
A premium compression fleece beanie hat with LED lights that provide the perfect hands-free lighting solution for any situation. When you click the easy on/off switch hidden on the front of the skull cap hat, it powers on the LED lights, which are angled down for close-up tasks.
A cold-weather essential made from stretchable 100% acrylic rib-knit fabric that fits snug to keep heat close when the temperature drops.
A soft cuffed beanie with an opening to add in our Skullerz® 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert (bump cap included) for added head protection for those cold winter jobs.
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