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A Cooling Vest that Manages Heat Stress & Increases Productivity | Heat Stress

The way you think about heat stress management and cooling products, is about to change. Introducing the newest addition to our Chill-Its© cooling line. The patented 6685, dry evaporative cooling vest.

Heat stress is a major productivity drain on the worksite. That’s why we’ve developed the 6685 dry evaporative cooling vest to be a light weight, durable, and long-lasting cooling solution.

The dry vest uses the latest in revolutionary, new cooling technology, dry evaporation. The principals of dry evaporation are similar to wet evaporation in that water, as well as air-flow, are required to activate the cooling process. The heat from your body, as well as the surrounding air will cause the water within the vest to evaporate, keeping the wearer cool.

The dry evaporative cooling vest is design specifically for those working long hours in hot environments. The vest features a V-neck with zip closure for easy on and off. A convenient hanging loop located above the valve provides an additional hanging option. The water-tight valve, on the back of the vest, is easy to open and fill. Side mesh panels provide additional ventilation as well as comfort and stretch for active movement. The elastic binding at the bottom of the vest, helps keep it in place.

To activate, locate the valve on the back of the vest. Open the valve cap and pour in fresh, cool water. Close the cap.

Close the valve cap and distribute the water evenly from the back of the vest, trough the shoulders, to the front. The reservoirs inner membrane will begin absorbing the water.

Once the water is evenly distributed, locate the cap again. Open, and squeeze out any excess water. Close the cap. Cooling is immediate and will reach an optimal 59F within five minutes. Cooling lasts up to three days.

When not in use, store the vest in an open environment until the water has completely evaporated from the inside reservoir. This can take up to three days. Once dry, the vest can be stored in any manner. To prevent foreign materials from impairing the vest’s effectiveness, keep the cap closed at all times. Once the water has evaporated, simply refill to reactivate.

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