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How to Tether Tools with Squids® Self-Adhering Tape Traps
The Squids® 3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap is a fast and easy solution to attach a Tool TailTM to create a connection point on tools. The tape adheres to itself, so no heat source is necessary to apply it. To apply the 3755, you will need a tape measure, utility knife, the appropriate Squids® tool tail, and the proper length of the Self-Adhering Tape Trap. Before applying the tape, document the weight and diameter of the tool. Use the Connectors Table in the product instructions, or online, to determine the appropriate tail and length of tape. For this half-pound screwdriver, we’ll use 12” of tape and a 3700 Web Tool Tail. Remove the plastic film backing on the tape. Place the web tail on the handle of the screwdriver, making sure the catch points and the weight label are facing up. Begin wrapping the tape on top of the web tail just below the web catch point. Wrap the tape once around itself. This will capture the tail to the tool and will secure it for continuous wraps. Continue tightly wrapping the tape by pulling and stretching it over the tool and web tail, overlapping the previous wrap by at least half an inch. Avoid wrapping over the web catch point. Wrap until the tape is exhausted. Firmly push down the end of the tape on top of the wrapped tape to form an immediate bond. Attach a lanyard to complete your tethering system. For this 1.5 lb. hammer, we’ll use 18” of tape and a 3703 Elastic Loop Tool Tail. Begin wrapping the tape right below the barrel lock and follow the same steps for wrapping around the handle of the hammer. Attach a lanyard to complete your tethering system.
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