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Squids® Tool Lanyards Reduce Force in Drops Tests - Demo

Ergodyne’s Squids® Tool Lanyards are scientifically-engineered to reduce the amount of force exerted on the body if a drop occurs. To prove it, we’ll drop test our lanyards against various other solutions including a static length of webbing and two competitor’s tool lanyards. To measure the drop forces we’ll use a load cell which calculates the peak forces generated when a drop occurs. We’ll drop the same 8lb pipe wrench approximately 3ft. First, let’s look at the forces generated through this length of standard webbing. Now, let’s drop two readily available tool lanyards in the marketplace today. Finally, let’s compare those results to the force-reducing design of Ergodyne’s Squids® tool lanyards. As you can see, the choice is easy. To protect yourself and those working below you, choose Ergodyne Squids® Tool Lanyards to tether your tools.

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