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Greg Schrab
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To be a Power Forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. I was on track until I stopped growing in about 8th grade leaving me at 5’11 with slow feet, no vertical lift at all and a mediocre jump shot. Given their current roster that bio might still land me a spot on the team today.


My COUNTRY ‘Tis of Thee and Mayville METAL. Yes I like country and heavy metal. Don’t hate. Appreciate.


A Walk in the Woods - Bill Bryson // Unbroken - Lauren Hillenbrand // We Die Alone - David Howarth


The Shawshank Redemption // Almost Famous


Certainly nothing comes close to comparing with the birth of my two beautiful children, Isabelle & William. If that is taking the easy way out then I’d have to say: Being fortunate enough to have been part of the Tenacious Team of individuals at Ergodyne for the past 20 years. To work with a group of people as – dedicated to a cause – to Make the Workplace a Betterplace™, that bleeds orange 24/7/365, that strives every day to be better than the day before is incredibly humbling. To have been part of this crazy and successful ride for the better part of two decades is something that gives me deep pride and great joy.


It would probably involve a flight to Italy. If I’m being picky, and why not be picky since this is entirely hypothetical, southern Italy. A heaping plate (it’s my last meal so why count calories) of penne pasta with a marinara meat sauce, a light salad and a jug or three of Barbera D’Alba or Barbaresco. And let’s throw in a little gelato to top it all off.




I'm a quote guy so I rotate, sometimes weekly, my favorite. Right now, this week, I'm going with "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." - Zig Ziglar


I love to build sand castles. I'm not a sculpture artist and won't win any competitions but put me on a beach anywhere in the world and I will not grab the nearest beach chair and a good book. I won't even sit and enjoy the waves crashing for more than a few minutes. I need to have a shovel in my hand and preferably some building/shaping tools and I'll be content spending hours crafting. I'm fairly certain this is why my family likes to go to the beach with me — they know I'll leave them alone while I get lost and dirty in a pile of sand.

Greg Schrab


Born and raised in the Badger state, which helps explain my childhood ambition, I grew up playing every sport imaginable from sunup ‘til sundown. Was forced into child labor by my parents who owned a landscape business and flower shop. Those early work experiences with my mom and dad taught me the value of hard work and that is something that has stuck with me, and driven me, throughout my career.

It also taught me to always keep my lawn well maintained and my flowers properly watered and amply fertilized. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Finance degree after toying with the idea of being an accountant. Received my MBA from the University of St. Thomas. After college, and prior to Ergodyne, I had stints as a Plant Controller at a division of Menards and then as a Master Scheduler at a food processing plant that produced 500,000lbs of pasta a day. Carb up, baby!

In 1995, I found myself on the Orange Planet—Ergodyne. The culture change from my previous job experiences was evident from the first day when I received an employee handbook that was about three pages long, contained a grand total of 400 words and included helpful instructions such as: DRESS CODE: wear some. I knew this was going to be “home” for quite some time. I started my career as a Scheduler on the Operations team and worked my way through the ranks from Scheduler to Operations Manager to VP of Operations years later. In 2008, I added the Product Management Team to my scope of responsibility and it has turned out to be one of the best career decisions ever made. I enjoy working with two fabulously talented teams, building innovative products that help keep workers safe and delivering those products to customers when they want them, where they need them. The changes at Ergodyne over the past two decades have been incredible and I’m honored to have played my small role in them. We have never been stronger as a company and there has never been a more exciting time to call myself an Ergodyte.