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  • Three Product Pillars, One Purpose:
    Make the Workplace a Betterplace

    We deliver the most innovative, well-crafted safety gear and training solutions that safety pros demand, workers desire and jobsites require providing protection, promoting prevention, and ensuring compliance; all driving towards the goal of zero injuries.

    Provide Protection

    Promote Prevention

    Manage Elements

  • We're on a mission to paint the world
    the most perfect of hues.

    So if you deem yourself an orange bleeder, there's truly no better place to be.

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    Becoming a sworn citizen of Tenacious Nation gives you more than just some sweet orange SWAG. You also get VIP treatment, newsletters, and access to our most coveted trade secrets. If this is a secret treehouse, we just tossed you down a rope ladder. Come on up.

    Tenacious Testers


    As one of our Tenacious Testers® your mission is clear: put our gear to the test on the daily battlefield you call work — and then tell us about it.

    Team Tenacious


    Circa 1995, "Go to Extremes" was a mojo motto driving our brand. We've had many since but that little slogan is still alive and well with these Tenacious Warrior types, also known as — athletes.

    Tenacious Giving


    In a world full of bad stuff that happens to people we love and good stuff that needs a helping hand, we're here to help. Let's combine forces and fill the world with more good ju-ju.