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Working in the Heat: Outdoor vs. Indoor Heat Stress Prevention Programs

11 workers are already seriously injured or killed by heat stress every single day—a number that not only includes outdoor workers, but also those who spend 365 days of the year slogging away in foundries, paper mills and other demanding indoor environments. The good news? There’s something we can do to protect them. By developing worksite-specific heat illness prevention plans, safety managers can save lives as soon as today.


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Preventing Heat Stress at Work: Your Guide to Heat Stress Risks & Solutions [Updated 2021]

Weather patterns are changing. The planet’s getting warmer. And, in fact, all but three of the hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. On average, excessive heat causes 650 deaths in the United States every year. 39 of those took place on the job in 2016—double the amount that occurred only two years prior. Construction workers in particular take the brunt of the burn, which makes sense when you think about their exposure to unpredictable outdoor temperatures.


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Four Factors For Determining Tool Tethers – Toolbox Talks

Between loop ends vs. carabiners, retractable vs. non-retractable, length, weight capacity and more, there’s a lot out there when it comes to tool tethers and—more specifically—tool lanyards. Teaching workers about the benefits and use cases of various tool tether types is crucial for increasing the safety of working at height on your worksite.



Tether Tools for Work Around Flames or Sparks with Squids 3121 Burn + Cut-Resistant Aramid Lanyard
How to Build a Heat Stress Rest & Prevention Station to Keep Workers Safe
Hard-Sided 5170 17-quart Industrial Cooler Doubles as a Stool for Working in the Heat


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