Ergodyne's intellectual property is used in products sold by Ergodyne and in products and services sold and offered by its commercial partners. The table below identifies products that are covered by the designated corresponding patents, and may be covered by other pending or issued U.S. and foreign patents. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

Title Category Brand Other products covered U.S. patent number(s) Foreign registration number(s) Patent description
710 Gloves ProFlex 710TX/710CR/710LTR/720/720LTR/820 D779,781 166554 (Canada), 002971838-0001/0004 (Europe) 710 (no bolts)
710 Gloves ProFlex 710TX/710CR/710LTR/720/720LTR/820 D779,782 166555 (Canada), 002971838-0001/0004 (Europe) 710 (bolts)
710 Old Design Gloves ProFlex D468,075 Trades Glove
710 Old Design Gloves ProFlex D468,074 Trades Glove
750 Gloves ProFlex D653,401 Construction Glove
760 Gloves ProFlex D824,640 168997 (Canada), 003141274-0001/0003 (Europe) Glove Design
812 Gloves ProFlex 811/812TX/812CR/810/821 D789,030 166556 (Canada), 002971838-0001/0004 (Europe) Glove Design
815 Gloves ProFlex 814/814CR6 D771,902 166557 (Canada), 002971838-0001/0004 (Europe) Glove Design
816 Gloves ProFlex D815,791 003771575-0001 (Europe) Flip-Top Glove Design
817 Gloves ProFlex 817WP/818WP D815,790 173138 (Canada), 003771575-0002 (Europe) Glove Design
819WP Gloves ProFlex 819OD D818,665 173139 (Canada), 003771575-0003 (Europe) Glove Design
900/910 Gloves ProFlex D854,254 180355 (Canada) Glove Design
9002/9012 Gloves ProFlex D862,032 180354 (Canada) Glove Design
9015 Gloves ProFlex D849,358 180613 (Canada) Glove Design
920 Gloves ProFlex 921/922CR D722,208 350889 (Australia), 152698 (Canada), 002294017-0001 (Europe) Glove Design
924 Gloves ProFlex D796,779 168999 (Canada), 003141274-0001/0003 (Europe) Glove Design
925F(x) Gloves ProFlex D608,978 Armoured Work Glove
925F(x) Gloves ProFlex 925CR/925WP D788,402 168998 (Canada), 003141274-0001/0003 (Europe) Glove Design
Nu2O2 (9002/9012) Gloves ProFlex 6,723,401 Vibration Dampening member and method of making some
342 Knee Pads ProFlex D789,617 170379 (Canada), 201614467 (Australia), 003346709-0001/0004 (Europe), 421960 (New Zealand) Knee Pad Design
344/355/357 Knee Pads ProFlex D788,993 170381 (Canada), 201614471 (Australia), 003346709-0001/0004 (Europe), 421962 (New Zealand) Knee Pad Design
345/347 Knee Pads ProFlex D788,992 170380 (Canada), 201614468 (Australia), 003346709-0001/0004 (Europe), 421962 (New Zealand) Knee Pad Design
367 Knee Pads ProFlex D789,616 170378 (Canada), 201614466 (Australia), 003346709-0001/0004 (Europe), 421959 (New Zealand) Knee Pad Design
8941 Head & Face Protection Skullerz Patent Pending Hinged Bump Cap w/ Do Rag
8944 Head & Face Protection Skullerz Pending 6189803 (UK) Foam Universal Bump Cap Insert