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Cold Weather Gear Guide: How to Dress for Winter Work

Ever since our ancestors decided to forego their furry coats, live indoors and walk upright, man has been locked in a pitiless battle with Mother Nature. And while it certainly takes a special degree of mental fortitude to forge ahead in the bitter cold, workers won’t get by safely on grit alone—no matter how thick their blood or their beards.

Smart Scheduling For Winter Work Safety – Toolbox Talks

They say you should only worry about stuff you can control. If you’re a safety supervisor, weather is one thing you can’t control—but you can control your crews’ shift schedules. Often overlooked, it’s an easy way to mitigate the side effects of working in a cold environment.

How to Determine the Right PPE For Your Worksite

With ever-changing risks confronting workers daily, there is a constant challenge to keep them safe. New technology is certainly crucial to the goal of zero injuries, but how does one take it all in, roll out a safety program and adapt that program amidst constant change? The first step is a better understanding of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).