Lindsay Herda

Lindsay Herda
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Pro singer or first female president


Hudson Home // Magical Mend Nights // Arizona Dreaming


As a kid, Harry Potter Series // As an adult, Untamed


Father of the Bride (1&2) // Something's Gotta Give // Little Women // The Holiday


Meeting my husband // The moment I met each of my daughters Mae, Hazel and Gigi // Arizona 




6:15 am


We were together. I forget the rest. – Walt Whitman


No cavity club! And I've been singing since I could talk and now perform in a duo mostly at spots in our sweet river town Hudson, WI.

Lindsay Herda

VP of Marketing

Growing up on the east side of town, I started life out as a St. Joe's Jet, made my way to become a Visitation Blazer, then on to be a Tar Heel and finally rounded things out as a Tommie at University of St. Thomas with a BA in Communication. My professional journey began with pursuing broadcast journalism in NYC at CBS where I quickly learned journalism was not “it” for me. Someone once said … “there’s no place like home,” and I think she was on to something. No matter how many incredible places I’ve traveled or lived, there’s always a call back to the North for me.

So, I made the move home to the tried and true Twin Cities and got to work. Next stop for me, the darling of the retail industry and the apple of the “Minne-apple's” eye: Target Corp. I worked on the Corporate Communication team for 2 great years—learned A LOT but wanted something a little different.

I was in search of a place with soul, grit and opportunity. A place with passionate, good people who were on a mission to make things better. I took the plunge in 2010, joined the Ergodyne team and have never looked back.

Once onboard, I started insourcing much of our traditional marketing because no one knows our unique and special brand better than we do. Over the past decade, our amazing team has grown and evolved into a 21st century digital marketing machine—in an industry where we are the exception not the rule.

Ergodyne has been making Mondays great since 1983. And that holds true for me and my years here. For that and a heck of a lot more, I’m grateful and proud to be an Ergodyte.