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Mark Lindstrom
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To be the fastest man in the world // Please my Mom and Dad


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My brain is an alarm clock. Can awake at any designated time in any time zone. Bet on it.


"I can replace all of you with chimps!" - Tom Votel


I fear being devoured by an animal some day and I really love to paint.

Mark Lindstrom

Senior VP, Sales

Originally from Massachusetts, I literally fought my way through a family of five brothers (explains this annoying little facial twitch). Graduated from Boston University and began my "working" life as a physical therapist and then a variety of safety sales positions before embarking on my journey from darkness to light (light being the start of my career at Ergodyne in 1998, of course).

Extending the metaphor, it was also a move from cloudy Pittsburgh to sunny St. Paul; figure that was mostly a push weather-wise.I started as Vice President of Sales in the industrial division charged with growing a business that was struggling, more than a bit, to regain a solid footing in the industrial and safety channels. We strapped on a pair and together got new and varied distribution in place, consolidated out a good deal of our competition and eventually made significant headway with important end user market segments. Today, as the Senior Vice President of Sales, I have an impressive and growing team that manages a robust global business comprised of many of the top distributors in the world. Times are not as tough as they were back then, but I can assure you we are no less hungry to grow our business and expand our brand into every corner of the globe.

A kind of metamorphosis takes place for many here at Ergodyne and that has certainly been the case for me. We not only make, market and sell innovative products—we dwell in an inspired environment where we can and are encouraged to express ourselves in unique and productive ways. That freedom has truly helped me more deeply enjoy my creative side. I share that side with my sweetheart Jodi, my daughter Andrea, son Ross, friends and family here and back east.