How to Safely Tether Hand Tools and Other Small Tools with Squids® Tool Slips

How to Safely Tether Hand Tools and Other Small Tools with Squids® Tool Slips


Give drops the slip. Squids® Hand Tool Slips are retrofit tool trapping solutions that allow the user to create a secure tethering point on otherwise hard to trap small hand tools.

These simple solutions eliminate the hassle of clumsy tapes and shrinks by swiftly installing onto screwdrivers, hex keys, and other small hand tools.

Unlike other products on the market, slips are a durable single piece solution that will not cover up information on the end of screwdrivers or require multiple pieces to hold on the tool.

Squids® Hand Tool Slips come in four convenient sizes and are compatible on tools up to 1lb depending on their diameter.

Before applying any Squids® Attachment Solution, weigh the tool you're applying the solution to and make sure it does NOT exceed the maximum capacity of that solution. Record the weight in a tool inventory log for future reference.

After weighing and measuring the diameter of the tool you wish to apply the solution to, refer to the instructions for an easy-to-use table to help you choose the correct size and capacity Slip.

After choosing the correct size solution, align the tool in the center of the star on the Slips interior circle. Slowly slide the attachment over the tool until it meets the membrane in the center.

Apply slight pressure to puncture the membrane of the Slip and continue to slide until the attachment reaches your desired location.

For blunt ended tools use a separate fine pointed tool to puncture the membrane, then slide the slip onto the blunt-ended tool.

Apply a small amount of pressure on the Slips attachment point to make sure it is secure.

Attach a Squids® Tool Lanyard to tether your tool.