How to Use the SHAX 6094 Tent Weight Bag | Heat Stress

How to Use the SHAX 6094 Tent Weight Bag | Heat Stress


Introducing the SHAX 6094 Tent Weight Bags from Ergodyne. This work zone tested product provides that extra oomph to hold the SHAX 6000 Heavy Duty Commercial Tent safely in place when using stakes isn't an option or when additional security is needed. This video will show you how to fill and use the SHAX 6094 Tent Weight Bags. So grab a shovel, and let's get started.

Step one. Completely set up your SHAX Portable Tent. If you need some help, see the instructional assembly video.

Step two. After unfolding the tent weight bag, open the funnel top and fill each bag with sand, dirt, gravel, or other fill using a job site shovel. The integrated funnel is a patented design that makes it easier to do your job because who has little toy shovels on a job site. Each tent weight is designed to hold up to 40 pounds of dirt when completely full.

Step three. Once the bag is filled, fold the funnel top opening and push it into the top of the bag.

Step four. Pull the drawstring closure to seal the bag tightly.

Step five. Wrap one weight around each tent leg for maximum security. Using the hook and loop strap, wrap it around the weight pressing firmly to secure. If you choose to only use two weights, place each weight on opposing tent poles for better balance and safety.