Reduce Sprains and Strains with Proflex Wrist Wraps

Reduce Sprains and Strains with Proflex Wrist Wraps


Sprains and strains continue to be the number 1 cause of lost time in the US workplace every year. Costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and workers compensation. When it comes to wrist repetitive motion issues, Ergodyne has you covered. Our ProFlex wrist supports and wraps have been used for over two decades and deliver supplemental support to those uncomfortable conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel.

When choosing a supplemental wrist support or wrap solution, the following factors should be taken into consideration. The type of discomfort you are experiencing. How much support is needed. The job function you are preforming. And of course, comfort and personal preference.

The ProFlex 4000 Single Strap and 4010 Double Strap Wrist Supports offer the most stability among the wrist support line. These two models feature the patented Open-Center Stay, uniquely designed with an open center which reduces pressure on the median nerve for support without discomfort. Additionally, the contoured design allows the support to follow the wrists natural shape for an optimum fit.

To properly wear a 4000 or 4010 wrist support, line the palm of the hand up with the orange line indicator on the inside of the support. Fasten the main hook and look closure at the back of the wrist. Attach the palm strap between the thumb and index finger at the back of the hand. Wrap the elastic straps across the top of the wrist and fasten to desired tension. Both the 4000 and 4010 are available in black and tan.

Use the 4000 single strap wrist support to limit flexion wrist movements, and the 4010 double strap wrist support to limit both flexion and extension wrist movements for maximum stability.

The 4020 Wrist Support also features the Open-Center Stay, but in a lightweight low-profile option that is ideal for office, retail, and light industrial applications. This wrist support features vented neoprene for breathability in an ergonomic design.

To properly wear the 4020 wrist support, thread the strap through the buckle and secure the hoop and loop at the back of the hand. The 4020 is available in black and gray.

The 670 Single Strap and 675 Double Strap ambidextrous neoprene wrist supports slip on easily and feature reversible hook and loop straps allowing the support to worn on the left or right wrist. The straps are pulled tight for desired tension and pressure.

Ergodyne's lightest wrist supporting solutions are the 400 and 420 Wrist Wraps. Constructed from durable woven elastic, these ambidextrous wraps feature a hook and loop closure and can be tightened to the desired fit and tension for warmth and discomfort relief.

The 420 includes a thumb loop. Simply slip the loop over your thumb, wrap the elastic to the desired tension and attach the hook and loop. Both the 400 and 420 are available in black and tan.


With a fresh new look and comfort that never goes out of style, Ergodyne's line of wrist supports and wraps are ideal for workers with minor sprains, strains, or repetitive motion discomfort. When your work place bending needs some mending, ProFlex supports have you covered.