Introducing the Next Evolution of Hard Hat Safety & Head Protection

Introducing the Next Evolution of Hard Hat Safety & Head Protection


Introducing the next evolution of Skullerz Head Protection, the Skullerz Hard Hat. Our Primary goal when developing the Skullerz Hard Hat was to solve two key customer complaints.

  1. - How to mount the headlamp
  2. - How to make it comfortable for a full days work


The key customer complaint we uncovered while developing the hard hat was how do you mount a headlamp. Today you have to fumble with straps and there is not an easy way. We solved this problem by integrating front and rear hard hat light mounts for easy on and off of your headlamp.


Skullerz headlamp also doubles as a worksite LED light with a built-in magnet.

The next big complaint we got from workers about their hard hat is they're just not comfortable to wear for a full days work. We solved this with a number of features built into the Skullerz Hard Hat.

  • - Piviting ratchet for size adjustment
  • - 4-point suspension with multiple adjustment points
  • - Washable and removable sweat-wicking anti-microbial top pad and sweatband


All these features add up to the most comfortable hard hat you've ever warn. Period.


We built this hard hat in 12 different configurations to fit your job, trade or task. Available in cap-style or full brim if you prefer more protection from the elements. Class C with adjustable vents or Class E without vents

All Skullerz Hard Hats are certified to the US and Canadian industry standards, the ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type 1 and CSA Z94.1 Type 1