Colder temps, dwindling daylight increases safety risks for many outdoor workers

Two workers wearing hi-vis work jackets and hats

Colder temps, dwindling daylight increases safety risks for many outdoor workers

St. Paul, Minn. (October 12, 2022) – With winter approaching, many workers—especially those in construction, transportation and utilities—face increased risk brought on by dropping temperatures and shorter days, warns safety work gear manufacturer Ergodyne.

The most common visibility-related hazards are pedestrian vehicle incidents and struck-by objects/equipment, with more struck-by vehicle deaths involving construction workers than any other occupation (1 in 4) according to the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS).

The struck-by risk is intensified with the darker mornings and earlier sunsets of the fall and winter months. 

And while the BLS attributed 240 worksite injuries to cold exposure in 2019, the true cost of cold stress is harder to estimate says Stacy Huey, an Ergodyne product manager and member of the International Safety Equipment Association’s (ISEA) High-Visibility Product Group.

“Cognitive and physical function suffer in the cold,” says Huey. “This can lead to things like poor decision-making, rushing to finish a task or dropping tools and equipment—all of which can result in accidents and injuries that don’t get officially attributed to cold stress.”

Rain, sleet and snow add another element to the wintry mix of risks, exacerbating both visibility and cold stress concerns.

In response, Huey led Ergodyne’s recently announced expansion of its GloWear® Hi-Vis Jacket Collection, adding the new 8351 Hi-Vis Windbreaker Jacket and 8353 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket to bring high-visibility, water-resistant options to more climates and worksites.  

“Winter looks different for workers from region to region, and these new additions deliver Type R, Class 3 visibility and weather-blocking protection for crews working in transitional spring and fall months or milder climates,” says Huey.

The 8351 Hi-Vis Windbreaker Jacket is the lightest entry in the GloWear line (in contrast to thermal quilted options like the best-selling 8377 Winter Bomber Jacket), while the new 8353 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket brings athletic inspired design to the worksite.

Huey points out that encouraging workers to wear hi-vis jackets as opposed to hi-vis vests over jackets has added safety benefits that often go overlooked.

“Number one, hi-vis jackets have more high-visibility fabric and reflective tape than vests do. And number two, a vest worn over a jacket can create an unnecessary and avoidable snag hazard.”

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