Ergodyne’s worker-approved lightweight hard hats are the low cost, high comfort solution every jobsite needs

New Lightweight Hard Hats

Ergodyne’s worker-approved lightweight hard hats are the low cost, high comfort solution every jobsite needs

St. Paul, Minn. (July 21, 2022) – Ergodyne announced the extension of its head protection line to include new lightweight hard hats that deliver Skullerz® quality at a fraction of the weight—and the cost.

The ultra-light 14.3oz HDPE plastic shell meets both ANSI and CSA standards for a worker-approved fit and feel that doesn’t compromise on protection. The hard hats come available in Class C and Class E, cap and brim style and a variety of colors—including the addition of blue and lime, both new to the Skullerz line. They’re also primed for company customization with a sleek matte finish that makes a great canvas for custom logo’ing.

“These new hard hats allow us to deliver Skullerz signature comfort, fit and features at a lighter weight and lower cost than our premium models,” said Tim Gallant, Ergodyne Product Director. “And while customers will love the cost, what really matters is what workers think—and we’re excited to share that the fit, feel and style are a hit with those already testing in the field.”

In addition to the lightweight hard hats, Ergodyne is adding an intrinsically safe headlamp and 2 universal headlamp mounting straps.

“Improving the safety of as many worksites as possible is always our end goal,” said Tom Votel, Ergodyne President & CEO. “Even with something as commodified as a hard hat, we continue to look for ways we can evolve our line to anticipate similarly evolving worker needs."

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