Workplace Ergonomics Trailblazers Take On Overlooked Ladder Safety Concerns

Ergodyne ladder carrying strap shown being used by workers

Workplace Ergonomics Trailblazers Take On Overlooked Ladder Safety Concerns

St. Paul, Minn. (October 27, 2022) –  Carrying a step ladder is an awkward proposition at best. Dangerous and costly at worst. And workplace ergonomics innovator Ergodyne is addressing this under-the-radar safety concern with the latest addition to its Tenacious Work Gear line.

The Arsenal 5300 Ladder Shoulder Lifting Strap and Carrying Handle is a ladder transport solution designed to prevent accidents and injuries common with carrying ladders—including pinched fingers, sprains and strains, cuts, and damaged property.

Featuring carry handle and padded shoulder strap options, the new ladder carrying system offers workers more control, comfort and support while loading, unloading, and transporting ladders. An additional strap secures around the outer rails to keep the ladder from opening when in transit.

The self-contained solution attaches quickly to ladders with no need to remove it when the ladder is in use.

“Almost all of ladder safety is focused on safe climbing,” says Matt Hahn, the Ergodyne product manager who led the development of the new ladder carrying solution. “We know falls from ladders are one of the biggest causes of injuries and death in the workplace, so of course the attention is necessary. But there are other elements we need to consider, too.”

The new ladder transport offering is the product of Ergodyne’s close collaboration with a global facilities technology and solutions company concerned with injuries experienced by the ladder-toting technicians in its fire protection division.

Ergodyne pioneered the category of workplace ergonomics in the early 1980s with the introduction of the first industrial back support, and this launch is the latest in what has grown into an entire line of solutions aimed at preventing injuries from repetitive motion and heavy lifting.

“Guidance on safe ladder transport is actually pretty scarce, and solutions even more so,” says Tom Votel, President/CEO, Ergodyne.

“Our people and partners in the field smartly identified it as an underserved safety and cost concern…and what came out of it is an elegantly simple system for safely carrying ladders and other raw materials like lumber.”

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