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  • SHAX® Pop Up Series

    3 Little Pigs-Approved.

    In a world of climactic craziness, we all need a little shelter now and then. SHAX® Portable Work Shelters serve their purpose day in and day out by providing more than sweet relief and comfort. With UV coatings to block out the sun's harshest rays; PU coatings to stop Mother Nature’s wettest days; and powder-coated steel frames to hold up to whatever your jobsite has to offer, SHAX® Shelters deliver time and time again. These ain’t your backyard BBQ tents, although they’ll also work for that too.

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    Product Differentiators

  • SHAX® Umbrella Series

    Shax and You Shall Receive.

    For when you find yourself caught short out in the wild, we give you SHAX® Umbrellas. These beauties provide a safe haven of personal protection when the sun bakes, the skies pour, and the wind howls. UV-blocking, PU-coated, and equipped with a suction cup bases make these mobile and easy to set up shelters for some relief from all that sound and fury.

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  • SHAX® Shelter Accessories

    Go Ahead, Sit Anywhere.

    Among the most important lessons the 3 Little Pigs taught us is that wind can really screw up a good shelter. So throw a few tent weight bags on the legs of your tent to keep a roof over your head. Even if Mother Nature is more blustery than a politician in a wind tunnel, these polyester, water-resistant bags hold on to tent legs tighter than a toddler at an amusement park.

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