Back Supports

ProFlex Back Supports

Measure around waist
XS Up to 25in // 64cm
SMALL 25-30in // 64-76cm
MEDIUM 30-34in // 76-86cm
LARGE 34-38in // 86-97cm
XL 38-42in // 97-107cm
2XL 42-46in // 107-117cm
3XL 46-52in // 117-132cm
4XL 52-58in // 132-147cm


Measure around the waist. A support should fit snugly, but not so tightly that it cannot be cinched firmly when ready to lift.

Improperly sized gear is a prime cause of heartache and sadness. Remember when you showed up at school wearing high-water pants? Your gear will be more effective and comfortable if you choose appropriate sizes.