Lindsay Herda

Lindsay Herda
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Professional singer (à la Eva Cassidy or Whitney Houston) or first female president


NSC mix // Best Vibes // Hudson Home // Barn Cats


The Great Gatsby // Harry Potter Series // I Know This Much Is True // FRICTION


Something's Gotta Give // The Departed // Father of the Bride (1&2) // Minority Report // Gladiator // Practical Magic // Coco (two kids – what do you want from me?!)


Giving birth to and raising my three precious daughters // marrying my husband // leading the amazing marketing team at Ergodyne // building our farmhouse-inspired home


Yardbird Wedge with side of biscuits and watermelon with farmer's cheese as the starter... TDF!!!!


6, 6:05, 6:10, 6:15 (yeah, I'm not a morning person)


We were together. I forget the rest. – Walt Whitman


You might have guessed it from my childhood ambition... but maybe not. I've been singing since I could talk. Legend has it, my vibrato was noticeable at the tender age of 2 while belting out Row, row, row your boat in the back of my mom's spruce green Volvo station wagon.

Lindsay Herda

VP of Marketing

Growing up on the east side of town, I started life out as a St. Joe's Jet, made my way to become a Visitation Blazer, Tar Heel and then rounded things out as a Tommie with a BA in Communication. I've dabbled outside of this frigid state to awesome places like North Carolina, New York and Rome—but it never stuck (cuz there's no place like home…

Or maybe I just like to torture myself), until my husband and I recently took our family across the state line to a sweet river town, called Hudson. Lower your brows, Vikings fans, it's a charming place and a mere 25 minutes from the cities. (Plus, we are Steelers fans, so outlaws in either state.)

My professional journey began with pursuing broadcast journalism in NYC at CBS where I quickly learned hard news was just a wee bit more depressing than I'd like to be dealing with day in and day out, so I made the move back to the tried and true TC. Next stop for me, the darling of the retail industry and the apple of the “Minne-apple's” eye: Target Corp. I worked on the Corporate Communication team dealing with media interviews, inquiries, and writing for the various internal vehicles utilized at the time at Target. I was there for 2 great years—learned A LOT but wanted something a little different. Something was missing. And that something was 1) a culture I had known and loved since I was about yea high, and 2) a mission I could truly get behind of Making the Workplace a Betterplace.

I took the plunge in 2010, joined Ergodyne and have never looked back. Once onboard, I started insourcing much of our traditional marketing. Why? Because no one knows our unique and special brand in a more authentic way than we do here. Over the past 8 years, our amazing Marketing team has evolved into a 21st century digital marketing machine—in an industry where we are the exception not the rule.

They say orange is in my blood. They're right.