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  • Ice Traction

    Boldy Go... Wherever You Want.

    There's never been an easier way to turn your hard-working hoofs into ice axes of sturdy studliness than with our Aggressive Spike System. When you wrap a pair around your ordinary work boots, you instantly get hot strap-on action that turns the slick glare of tailbone-busting winter slip-ups into a walk in the park.

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  • Footwear Insoles

    Make Every Job A Cushy One.

    Isn’t it time you took the hitch out of your giddy up by stepping in with a layer of unbeatable hi-tech comfort? While most footwear accessories dance around the tough issues of shock absorption, stability, anti-fatigue, and traction, Trex Insoles stand and deliver with EVA shock protection, anti-odor technology, and form-fitting comfort that’ll make your lil’ piggies squeal with delight. One step beyond ordinary insoles, and one giant leap for lasting comfort on the job.

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