How to Safely Tether Your Grinder Using Squids Power Tool Brackets

How to Safely Tether Your Grinder Using Squids Power Tool Brackets


The Squids 3797 Power Tool Bracket is a retrofit tool trapping solution that attaches to a variety of both corded and cordless grinder brands and models.

Here's what you'll need to apply the 3797 bracket solution:

  • The tool requiring the attachment
  • The 3797 Bracket Set, which includes the bracket, fasteners, washers and labels
  • A wrench or socket for tightening hex head bolts
  • A thread checker tool
  • A Torque measurement tool
  • And Safety Eyewear

Before applying any Squids Attachment Solution, weigh the tool you're applying the solution to and make sure it does NOT exceed the maximum capacity of that solution. Record the weight in a tool inventory log for future reference.

First, examine the tool to identify the location of an open screw port. Screw ports on tools should be vacant. NEVER remove a screw that is meant to fasten the tool together. Screw port placement will vary by brand. Look for open handle screw ports on grinders.

Next, measure the chosen screw port diameter and depth with the thread checker device.

Based on your measurement, locate the proper size fastener and washer to install the bracket onto the tool.

Align the label underneath or on top of the Bracket's opening and place the washer on top of the Bracket. Thread the fastener through the assembly and attach the bracket to the screw port with the fastener. Apply the appropriate amount of torque as stated in the user instructions.

Inspect your application and connect a Squids Tool Lanyard to tether your tool.