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  • Gel Knee Pads

    However You Bend It, We'll Help You Mend It.

    Our advanced designs cuddle up to the cruel world of kneeling trades and turn pressure points of pain into soft cradles of comfort. Using the latest Injected and Lightweight Gel technologies, these pads support the worker who kneels all day as well as the kneeler who is always on the move. True, that which does not kill you, makes you stronger. But that which does not kill your knees ... well, that makes you invincible. And a helluva lot more pleasant to be around.

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    Product Differentiators

  • Standard Knee Pads

    Protection Where You Kneed It.

    For us, Standard just means right for the duty at hand. You still don’t skimp on the details. After all, this isn’t about learning to crawl, it’s about crawling in bed at night and not rolling out in the morning feeling like you’ve already put in your honest 10. Yes, there’s still the thick padding and durability you expect, plus all the flexibility and fit workers demand. Hey, joint jarring jobs — we got your number.

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  • Kneeling Pads

    Comfort That Will Bring You To Your Knees.

    Never genuflect at the Alter of Ouch when you can be crouching on a cloud of comfort. Especially when these petroleum-resistant, silicone-free, wildly popular patella-pleasers are just waiting to put a loving, cushy layer of lasting protection between you and even the hottest or harshest Martian landscape. We’re talkin’ Neil Armstrong technology that will keep you comfortable longer than a Neil Diamond set list. Say, Cracklin’ Rosie, can you hand me that filter wrench?

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