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Tool Lanyards

  • Squids® Tool Connectors

    Trap Your Tool By The Tail.

    It might have been Confucius who once said, “Man with non-tethered tool is dangerous fool.” Tethered tools save life, limb, and the need for the liberal use of curse words. With the Squids® Tool Tether Attachment Series, every tool has the right hold-on-tight option for strapping on safety to go. In a world where a drop can kill, and the heartbreaking hassle of fetching a broken tool from 100-ft. below is a real possibility, you now have the means to fly higher without having to tell everyone else to look out below.

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  • Squids® Tools & Equipment Series

    Love Stinks But Gravity Hurts.

    With the exception of Chuck Norris, hurricanes, and halitosis, there's nothing more dangerous than a plummeting tool. Featuring coils, swivels, shock-absorbing stretch cord, lock stitching, and more than enough weight capacity, it's now easy and affordable to end the falling tools reign of terror.



  • Squids® Retractable Series

    A Retractor With An X-Factor.

    Work. Retract. Repeat. Our patented retractable tool lanyards are a tour de force of tool-toting safety and convenience. Durable designs that include a self-setting length feature make that ol' black thumb a distant memory my friend. Quick Draw McGraw approved.



  • Tool Tethering Kits

    The Whole Kits and Caboodles.

    Choosing the safety solution that will best prevent dropped objects can be more confusing than reading a half-drawn map. That’s why the Squids® Tool Tethering Kits are the whole at-heights kit and caboodle. Pairing existing Squids® tool connectors and tool lanyards, workers can choose a tool tethering kit and be confident they’ve got exactly what they need for comprehensive fall protection safety.



  • Squids® ID Lanyards

    Not A Case Of Mistaken Identity.

    No restricted access in this area. Our ID lanyards help keep those ID and key cards conveniently by your side, so you can flash your status, open doors, and not get tackled by security. Armband lanyards let you choose how to flash your mug around. Show them you belong with these handy holsters and quit replacing that ID every other week.



  • Squids® Grabbers™ Series

    Baby, Hold On To Me.

    Squids® Glove Clips hold gloves, obviously — and darn near everything else you might want. Rags, caps, water bottles — you name it, they’ll keep it close at hand. Workers love ‘em, cuz they’re a snap to use for every style, thickness and application. With designs that clip to belt loops, standard belts, tool belts, machinery and damn near anywhere, these non-conductive, lightweight wonder clips offer safety-conscious advanced grabology in a rugged rainbow of cosmic colors, from midnight black to supernova orange.

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  • Squids® Tie Hooks

    Try One And You're Hooked.

    The Tie Hook Series was designed with one purpose in mind: To bring the chaos of cords, wires, and cables under control with a couple clicks. Built to replace zip ties and cable ties, they boast high tensile strength and all the swivels and adjustments needed to turn problematic piles into bundles of joy. Plus, they’re reuseable. And because they’re virtually impervious to the elements, salt, solvents, and alkali, you know you’ve wrapped things up nice and tidy with a solution that'll stand the test of time.

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