Improved Tool Lanyards for Working at Heights

Improved Tool Lanyards for Working at Heights


As the global leader in objects at heights safety, Ergodyne delivers the future of tool tethering and dropped objects prevention.

To us, tool lanyards are more than just an accessory. So we set out to develop the next evolution in at-heights safety.

We performed hundreds of drop tests in a lab to make sure your tools won't do this ...

And spent hours in the field getting worker feedback to design and craft a more user-friendly product.

The result is the next generation of our innovative Squids Tool Lanyards.


These lanyards are engineered with shock-absorbing webbing to reduce the force on your body if a drop occurs.

Because details make a difference, we added tool gripping loops and lightweight, ergonomically-designed carabiners for easier connections.

These lanyards were built to improve the efficiency and safety of workers at heights and their fellow crew members working below.

Whenever your job is on cloud nine, prevent dropped objects and don't let your tools drag you down.