Expanding Protection and Promoting Inclusivity: Ergodyne Releases ANSI Type 2 Safety Helmets and New Generation of Bump Caps

Worker in hi-vis wearing head protection with text on title of Skullerz Head Protection


Saint Paul, Minn. (July 20, 2023) — In a committed stride towards enhanced protection and inclusivity, Ergodyne announced the launch of ANSI Type 2 safety helmets and a new generation of bump caps that cater to a wider range of head sizes and hairstyles.

Skullerz® ANSI Type 2 Safety Helmets

The newly developed Type 2 safety helmets provide comprehensive protection, offering safeguards to the top, front, side, and rear of the head to meet the stringent ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 (R2019) Type 2 requirements––all without compromising on the breathable comfort that has become a signature of the Skullerz line.

In reference to the new ANSI Type 2 safety helmets, Tim Gallant, Product Director, Ergodyne stated, "The breathability factor is a direct response to a common complaint workers have shared with us about some other Type 2 head protection products. It’s one of the things that really set Skullerz helmets apart from the other options available to work crews."

Four new Type 2 safety helmets join the Skullerz line in all, including models with adjustable venting and rechargeable three-mode LED headlamps.

Skullerz® Bump Caps

The Skullerz 8943F(x) Universal Hinged Bump Cap Insert forms the backbone of Ergodyne’s latest bump cap offering. With a flexible design and a hinged feature that allows hair to escape out the back, the 8943F(x) accommodates a variety of head sizes and hairstyles––including larger natural hair, ponytails, dreadlocks and more.

The new bump cap insert design is the result of intensive collaboration with ramp workers from a major passenger airline and can be found in four other new solutions.

“The conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has significantly evolved in the workplace, and our newest PPE solutions not only reflect this evolution but are designed to drive it, ensuring no worker is left behind when it comes to safety,” said Tom Votel, President/CEO, Ergodyne.

“We believe in the fundamental right of every worker to a safe workplace, and we work tirelessly to design and provide PPE that meets the highest safety standards and accommodates the needs of all workers.”

Details on Ergodyne’s latest head protection launch––including product specs, videos and more––can be found at ergo.zone/head23.

To learn more, email support@ergodyne.com or call 800-225-8238 // (651) 642-9889.


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