Prevent Workplace Dehydration with Chill-Its Hydration Packs | Heat Stress

Prevent Workplace Dehydration with Chill-Its Hydration Packs | Heat Stress


Dehydration is a MAJOR contributing factor to heat stress. 60% of your body is made of water. When your body doesn't have sufficient water to carry out normal functions, even mild dehydration can drain you of your energy. In a typical 8 hour workday, workers can loose 8 liters or more of sweat. At Ergodyne, we understand the importance of staying hydrated which is why we offer a variety of portable hydration solutions for those in the workplace.

  • Our hydration packs come standard with the following features: (5155 Low Profile Hydration Pack)
  • A durable 600D, water-resistant, rip stop shell
  • An insulated pack and tube that keeps water cool
  • A 100% anti-microbial bite valve with cover to protect against contaminants
  • Breakaway shoulder straps for added safety
  • A zip-up cap cover keeps debris and contaminants at bay
  • A DualCap opening for easy filling and cleaning


  • All low-profile packs include a 2L bladder. That's the equivalent of 2.2 hours of suggested hydration. The 5156 Premium Low Profile Hydration Pack and the 5157 Premium Cargo Hydration Pack feature the addition of:
  • Zippered compartment
  • Multiple d-rings
  • Nylon daisy chain webbing for gear storage
  • Vented shoulder straps and back for maximum breathability
  • 8mm EVA foam padding on shoulder straps for added comfort



  • Both the 5156 and the 5157 premium packs feature the new 3L DualCap bladder, for 3.3 hours of hydration. The 5157 Premium Cargo Hydration Pack features the addition of:
  • Five zippered compartments
  • Multiple d-rings
  • Nylon daisy chain webbing for gear storage


Wearing an Ergodyne Hydration Pack comfortably is easy. First, put the pack on, pulling your arms through the straps. Next, adjust the shoulder and chest straps for proper fit. The hydration pack should rest comfortably on your back. To use, simply remove the drinking tube. Sip to drink. The model 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump turns any hydration pack into a multi-functional system.

  • Compatible with all Ergodyne hydration packs, the 5158 features:
  • An FDA approved food grade silicone body
  • An elastic strap for secure grip
  • A valve cover that keeps debris off bulb tip


To attach, simply remove the bite valve from the hydration pack tube. Insert the hydration pressure pump. Squeeze the bulb to draw water from the bladder into the bulb and squeeze again to create a steady stream of water. Turn any Ergodyne Hydration Pack into multi-functional gear: Hydrate by spraying bulb without having to place mouth on bite valve. Clean your hands, face, and equipment. Activate any of your evaporative cooling products.