See the Skin Saving Power of Sunscreen in Action

See the Skin Saving Power of Sunscreen in Action


Skin cancer cases are increasing by nearly 10% each year in the U.S. 1 in 5 Americans will develop it in their lifetime, making it more common than all other forms of cancer combined.

What’s more, the likelihood of developing skin cancer for those who work outdoors is 3.5 times higher. The sun damage risk on worksites is so high OSHA has identified UV as a carcinogen.

Here’s the good news… skin cancer is also one of the most preventable cancers, and sunscreen is key to protecting against damaging UV rays. The Center for Disease Control recommends all skin types use at least 15 SPF, which blocks 93% of UV rays. The fairer your skin, the higher SPF you should use—with SPF 50 blocking up to 98%. 

To demonstrate sunscreen’s effectiveness, we hooked up a UV cam to show how the sun sees your skin when it’s protected with sunscreen vs. without. 

With unprotected hands, you may notice freckling and uneven color. That’s because skin pigmentation is emphasized with UV videography. Light skin appears lighter and dark skin even darker. Uneven pigmentation is a sign of UV damage.

Now, I’ll apply KREW’d Sunscreen on one of my hands… See the difference?

When sunscreen is applied, you see a huge difference. The UV camera makes things that are absorbing UV light look darker. The stronger the SPF, the more UV light absorbed into the sunscreen (not into your body)—the darker it appears in the camera.

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