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Warming Work Wear

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  • Thermal Clothing

    Turn The Base To 11.

    No matter what it is, everything that lasts begins with a base. Base camps, baselines, Ace of Base. Even base layers. You won't be warm at work unless you start with the right clothes. Let Thermal Clothing help. From long sleeves and long johns to bibs and jackets, start warm to stay warm.

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  • Thermal Liners

    Go On, Be A Hothead.

    Call us crazy, but we just so happen to think that when you’re in the realm of sub-arctic temperatures, your headwear should consistently provide a beggars banquet of BTUs. So quit playing with matches and build a bonfire around your brain with the element busting energy of N-Ferno®. Toss in the unmistakable comfort and protection of N-Ferno® Cotton/Fleece blends and variety of styles, and suddenly you realize just how much heat you bring.

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  • Thermal Balaclavas

    Breathe Easy This Winter.

    Warm-blooded critters need to keep their core toasty, lungs warm, and head covered if they plan to thumb their nose at old Jack Frost. If bitter cold is what you call your cubicle, the brainiacs in our laboratory came up with a technology that would make Lord Vader himself smile like a schoolgirl at the mall. From our patent-pending and radically redesigned Hot Rox balaclava to our FR fleece balaclavas, you'll be ready to spend a season at Ice Station Zebra.

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  • Thermal Hats & Caps

    Keep Your Head (Warm) In Winter.

    Paul Bunyan and Mom were both on to something when it comes to head gear… keep your head covered and stay warm. We added a couple of classics too. Old School style meets space-age technology. Oldies but goodies that pack a powerful combo of comfy fleecy materials that provide warmth and let you raise or lower the flaps at will. Go ahead... you can leave your hat on.

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  • Warming Accessories

    Back To The Pack.

    Oxygen is more than just a television network aimed at women. It’s also a source of life for humans, plants, animals – and our N-Ferno® warming packs. When your socks, boots, and pockets can’t seem to keep the fire stoked, adding a little O2 to those packs can make you feel like you just read a Hallmark card.

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