Skullerz® 8984 Hard Hat Sweatband Replacement (3-Pack)

Regular: $29.95
  • EASY ON AND OFF – quickly attached with 4 hooks built into the suspension and 3 hook and loop locations on the sweatband
  • ANTI-STINK – anti-microbial treatment and washablility helps keep the sweatband from smelling
  • KEEPS YOU COOL – breathable and moisture wicking material helps keep the wearer cool
  • Only works with Skullerz® Hard Hats

The Skullerz® 8984 Orange Hard Hat Sweatband Replacement (3 pack) is designed to work with the Skullerz® line of hard hats. Quickly attaches with 4 hooks built into the suspenion plus 3 integrated hook and loop locations on the sweatband. The sweatband is breathable, washable, and anti-microbial. Helps wick sweat away from the top of your head to keep you cool.

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