2021 Heat Stress Solutions Webinar

2021 Heat Stress Solutions Webinar


Here in Saint Paul Minnesota the snow has melted and the temps are rising which means that spring is here and summer is coming quick. 

My name is Austin Stephenson I am the Channel account specialist here at Ergodyne and I am going to quickly run through some of our newest and most popular gear for beating the heat out on a jobsite.

So why should you care about heat stress? The fact is all but 3 of the hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. The planet is getting warmer people.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  in 2019 there were 43 deaths on the job as a result of heat stress, along with over two thousand reported heat stress related injuries. 

  • Construction workers in particular take the brunt of the burn, which makes sense when you think about their exposure to unpredictable outdoor temperatures. 

The cutting edge research and development led by Ergodynes Elements Pillar is helping workers combat this danger, with their efforts yielding the broadest selection of temperature stress safety gear available. Any job. Any budget. Any environment… nobody in the industry offers a more comprehensive line-up of solutions to stay safe, comfortable and productive in the face of extreme conditions. 

  • Central to any work/rest plan is a proper rest and recovery area. A designated spot that’s well-ventilated and out of direct sunlight to get rest, get hydrated and keep cool. This could include an air conditioned trailer, or a portable worksite shelter like those offered by our SHAX line. Consider it the hub of your heat stress prevention strategy.
  • New for the SHAX line for 2021, we took our existing 6098 sidewall panel and incorporated a mesh window to allow for better ventialtion. Our 6092 measures 10x10 ft and fits with our 6000, 6010, and 6015 pop-up tents. These come in either the hi-vis lime or blue colors.
  • We also included these new 6092 sidewalls into a new kitted model – our 6052 features our 6000 Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Tent, (2) 6092 sidewall panels with mesh window, 2 tent weight bags, and ground stakes & rope to secure to the ground.

OSHA standards for both general industry and construction activities, as well as various safety guidelines, mandate that adequate drinking water is available to workers at all workplaces and jobsites. So, How do we address hydration? With a complete range of hydration packs, water bottles and industrial strength 17-quart and 48-quart coolers… 

New for 2020 the 5170, 17-quart and The 5171, 48 qt. coolers are the perfect solution for keeping bottled water cool on the jobsite. These coolers can provide a cool 41°F storage area for 30 hours. The heavy duty design allows the cooler to be utilized as a stool for break time, holding up to 300 pounds. These coolers both feature cleaver interior storage and can also serve as a great option for activating cooling products.

For thirsty individuals a heights who need easy access to drinking water away from the jobsite’s recovery station, there’s the Squids 3775 Can / Bottle Holder & Trap.

  • Available in standard or large sizes, this clever koozie makes it easy to carry and secure your water bottle to stay hydrated. 
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of bottles and containers, it includes a D-ring on the backside that can be used to attach a tool lanyard to complete your tethering system and a stainless-steel belt clip on the side to easily attach to a tool belt or fall protection harnesses.

Cooling PPE is the X-factor that takes heat stress prevention beyond water rest and shade and begins to offer a level of comfort while on a hot jobsite. 

  • Evaporative cooling is a simple, effective, and relatively inexpensive approach that draws heat from workers’ bodies, using an external source of water––similar to how the body uses the process of perspiration to cool skin down. 
  • While any damp rag could provide some relief, controlled evaporation, with fabrics that are comfortable to wear and hold moisture for an extended period of time, will provide significantly more effective results for more productive workers.

Our stretchy, lightweight performance knit microfiber can be found on a number of our cooling accessories, starting with our incredibly popular 6487 cooling multi-band. Featuring evaporative technology for immediate cooling, and UPF 50+ protection against the sun’s harmful rays when working outside, this soft, stretchable multi-band can be worn as a cooling headband, neck gaiter, face covering, dew rag and more. It can also be worn under a hard hat for moisture-wicking cooling when dry, and instant evaporative cooling relief when wet.

Our  6489 2 layer cooling multiband takes that innovation a few steps further with a 2-layer design to meet WHO and CDC recommendations for face covering, while also adding an adjustable nose piece for more secure fit… for better containing droplets and reducing the pain of fogged up glasses

For the Patrick Mahomes look…The Chill-Its 6634 Cooling Headband is a low-profile wrap that wicks away sweat and moisture when worn dry and provides evaporative cooling relief when worn wet. The low-profile design fits comfortably under a hard hat or helmet and is a great option for those with longer hair/ponytails

The Chill-Its 6632 Cooling Skull Cap is another great low-profile solution to wear with hard hats… just like the cooling head band it wicks away moisture when worn dry, provides evaporative cooling relief when worn wet. An elastic band lines the interior for a snug and comfortable fit.

Our 6690 cooling arm sleeves aren’t exactly new for this year, but still a relative newcomer to the evaporative cooling line using the same microfiber as the previous cooling solutions, 

  • Whether working outside or playing  outdoors (golfing, cycling, fishing, jogging, playing baseball etc), these sleeves provide great skin protection and cooling relief. Also perfect for covering up tattoos so as not to offend the prim and prudish with your gnarly ink.

Moving away from microfiber to the Chill-Its 6702 Cooling Bandana… The 6702 is the evolution of one of our best selling cooling products, the 6700 cooling bandana. Both the 6700 and 6702 utilize polymer cooling crystals for hours of evaporative cooling comfort, however in the 6702 the polymer cooling crystals are embedded in a batting material that prevents the bandana from swelling up like a kielbasa sausage and feeling slimy. The elevator pitch on this product is it is as effective at the 6700, it costs the same as the 6700, but you will actually enjoy wearing it. 

  • To activate Simply soak the bandana in water for 2 to 5 minutes. No ice or refrigeration is needed. When done, Hang dry and rewet to activate.

The Chill-Its 6667 Wet Evaporative Cooling Vest is made using our lightweight PVA material also found on our best selling 6602 cooling towel. The lightweight construction has breathable mesh panel sides making it more comfortable to wear than other economy options.

For best results, we recommend the vest be worn over a t-shirt and not covered by other clothing

So here’s an obvious statement and an alarming stat… people that work outdoors aren’t just susceptible to temperature stress… but they’re also three-and-a-half times more likely to develop skin cancer during their lifetime than those who don’t. Luckily even though skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, it’s also one of the most preventable. Enter Krew’d…

Our sunscreen launched last spring and is specially formulated and tested for the rigors of the workday. Krew’d comes in a variety of sizes and application style, from stick to spray to refillable lotion options. I wont bore you with all of the features, because there are a ton but the one I will mention is that it comes in a Neutral scent wont have you smelling like popuri or banana daquiris when you are on the jobsite. 

On the topic of sun protection, don’t forget our new 8936 lightweight ranger hat… available in khaki or olive. It provides lightweight, breathable UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV rays and features a wide brim that can be worn down or snapped up and out of the way. 

  • Ideal for those working in hot environments where shade is needed, including agriculture and landscaping. Can also be used for outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing or gardening. Or even your next African safari.

As we wrap up some of our newest gear for the summer, I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the unsung heroes of the Tenacious Work Gear line… especially our newest design.

Don’t be thrown off by its humble appearance and price point… the 3420 swiveling glove clip comes up big on the worksite. perfect for keeping any number of items by your side…  face masks, gloves, cooling towels, keys and whatever else always seems to mysteriously disappear. The 3420 Features a patent-pending design with a swiveling link that allows it to rotate freely without getting bound up.

Before I let you go, I wanted to take one more minute to quickly highlight our top 10 best selling items of 2020 as well. They are…

And that concludes what is newest and exciting in Ergodynes line of heat stress prevention products. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about our products if you would like to learn more about any of the products in this presentation please check out Ergodyne.com or you are welcome to contact us by email support@ergodyne.com or give us a call 800-225-8238.