Chill-Its 6702 Cooling Bandana - Polymer Embedded Batting Material, Tie Closure

Chill-Its 6702 Cooling Bandana - Polymer Embedded Batting Material, Tie Closure

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  • NO SLIME POLYMER TECHNOLOGY – Water-absorbing polymer crystals are embedded in bandana material and will not ooze or become slimy
  • LIGHTWEIGHT COOLING – Batting material minimizes uneven expansion of polymer crystals when wet for cooling without the bulk
  • EASY ACTIVATION – Soak in cold water 2-5 minutes to activate, no ice or refrigeration needed
  • LONG-LASTING COOLING – Remains cool for up to 4 hours to help reduce effects of heat stress
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Tie-back to ensure a close fit to the head, neck or wrists
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS – Hand wash only and store by hanging in the open air until completely dry

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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Product Description

The Chill-Its 6702 Cooling Bandana is an evaporative cooling headband designed to deliver instant cooling relief lasting up to 4 hours. This lightweight bandana is designed with polymer crystal technology embedded in a batting material for fast cooling without the bulk. Embedding the polymer crystals reduces uneven expansion of the polymers when wet (less bulk, more comfort). Use the tie-closure to adjust the fit around the head, neck or wrists.


Simply soak the cooling headwear in water for 2 to 5 minutes to activate. The water-absorbing polymer crystals inside will plump up slightly and provide a cooling sensation that lasts for hours. The new woven batting material will not become overly saturated and will not ooze or become slimy. Simply flip the cooling bandana over to refresh the cooling sensation. No ice or refrigeration is needed. Hang dry and rewet to activate.

Great for construction, landscaping, roofing, or anybody working in the heat. Can also be used to keep cool and reduce the risk of heat stress while gardening, hiking, playing sports and more.


Lightweight 6702 Cooling Headband Provides Long-Lasting Cooling with No-Slime Polymer Technology


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