Skullerz 8975-MIPS Class C Safety Helmet with MIPS Technology

Side of safety helmet
Climber-style safety helmet: designed for enhanced impact protection, comfort and security. Short brim enhances field of vision, chin strap secures helmet in place, Mips for added protection. *Visor sold separately.
All-over impact protection: helmet design + Mips elevate boosts protection from side and angled impacts. Mips system creates oblique impact movement. Type 1 Class E. Ansi compliant. EN12492 side impact compliant. CSA compliant.
Multi-point adjustment: for improved comfort, fit and balance. Vented Mips insert + open frame: enhances airflow. Breathable frame.
Visor integration: easy bolt-on mounting of safety helmet visor. Headlamp mounts: Integrated slots on front and back for optional Skullerz Headlamp use. *accessories sold separately.
Easy adjustment//sizing: one-handed adjustment knob pivots to clear bandanas or ponytail knots. Hat size: 6.5-8; inches: 20.5in-25in; centimeters: 52cm-64cm
Adjustable venting: cool in the heat with vents open, dry in the rain with vents closed.

Skullerz 8975-MIPS Class C Safety Helmet with MIPS Technology

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  • MIPS® ELEVATE SAFETY SYSTEM – Reduces effect of angled impacts by decreasing rotational energy that can cause brain shear (a significant cause of traumatic brain injuries)
  • ADDITIONAL IMPACT PROTECTION – Suspension and shell design compliant to EN 12492 side impact testing requirements for improved all-over protection
  • CHIN STRAP INCLUDED – Secures helmet in place upon falling or sudden impact/movement
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT– Includes removable hard hat sweatband made of breathable, sweat-wicking and machine washable materials
  • IMPROVED SAFETY AND VISIBILITY AT NIGHT – Integrated patent-pending headlamp slots on front and rear for use with the Skullerz Hard Hat LED Light
  • ENHANCED FIELD OF VISION – Compact shell design increases visibility, particularly when looking up
  • BREATHABLE – Flexible open frame with perforated Mips safety system improves air circulation and adjustable venting allows for a cooler helmet in the heat and a dry helmet in the rain
  • EASY SIZE ADJUSTMENT – One-handed adjustment knob pivots to improve fit and clear bandana or ponytail knots
  • EYE PROTECTION INTEGRATION – Easy bolt-on mounting of Skullerz 8991 Safety Helmet Visor (available as an accessory) for increased eye protection
  • SIZING – Fits most heads (hat sizes 6.5 – 8 / 21in – 25 in / 53cm – 63.5cm)
  • COLORS – Available in White and Orange
  • TESTED & APPROVED – ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-15, TYPE 1, Class C, EN12492:2012,,, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, 4.2.4, EN397:2012+A1:2012 5.2.1, 5.2.4, 5.2.5

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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The Skullerz 8975-MIPS Safety Helmet is a Class C Safety Helmet integrated with Mips® technology to increase worker head protection by reducing the effect of dangerous angled impacts. The Mips Elevate safety system is a low-friction layer that slides multi-directionally upon impact to reduce the transmission of rotational force to the head. Rotational forces can cause brain shear, a tearing of nerve fibers that can ultimately lead to more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).  

Like other Skullerz Safety Helmets, this Mips helmet provides heavy-duty yet lightweight and comfortable head protection to shield the front, back, top and sides of the head from falls, dropped objects or bumping into stationary objects. The compact helmet design increases all-over impact protection and improves visibility, and a chin strap ensures the helmet remains secure to the wearer’s head upon impact or sudden movement. 


Unlike traditional hard hats and safety helmets which are designed primarily to protect against direct impacts, this safety helmet features Mips technology for protection against angled impacts—a common form of impact that occurs upon falling or contact. Integrated into the suspension, Mips Elevate is a low-friction layer that slides multi-directionally (10-15mm) to decrease the rotational energy transferred to the head upon angled impact. 

The Mips safety system technology was developed by Swedish neurosurgeon Hans von Holst and engineer Peter Halldin to combat the tearing of nerve fibers called brain shear, a primary cause of TBIs such as concussions. With the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reporting that 18,000 workers suffered TBIs in 2019, equipping safety helmets with this innovative technology is a critical development in worksite head protection. 


The suspension and shell design of this helmet provides added side, front and back protection. This increased coverage meets side-impact testing requirements of EN12492: 2012, and The safety helmet also meets standard Class C helmet requirements for ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-15, Type 1, Class C standard. 


A smaller, low-profile brim improves the wearer’s field of vision—particularly when looking up. A padded and moisture-wicking sweatband lines the sides and forehead and is removable for easy replacement. The flexible open-frame design in combination with adjustable venting and the perforated Mips safety system offers the best of both worlds: a cooler helmet in the heat and a dry helmet in the rain. These vents release heat buildup and allow air to circulate, reducing perspiration in hot and humid working environments. The perforated Mips safety system also optimizes top-of-head ventilation. 


This safety helmet fits hat sizes 6.5 - 8 (21in – 25 in / 53cm – 63.5cm). Customize the size with the easy-to-adjust 6-point premium ratcheting suspension. Simply turn the one-handed adjustment knob to tighten or loosen the fit without having to take the helmet off. Built with weight distribution in mind, this safety helmet has a snug and balanced fit. An adjustable chin strap (included) secures the helmet to the head and ensures it does not dislodge if the worker falls or is impacted by another object. 


One of the biggest challenges for workers is how to use a safety helmet or hard hat with lights. Headlamp straps often get snagged and lights fall off. This safety helmet includes front and rear slots for secure attachment of the Skullerz Hard Hat LED Light (available as an accessory or with the 8975LED). For jobs where increased eye protection is needed, the helmet is designed for easy bolt-on mounting of the Skullerz 8991 Safety Helmet Visor (available as an accessory). There are also side slots for other common accessories such as ear protection. To personalize even more, stamp your lid with our tenacious hard hat stickers. 

Ideal for those working at heights or needing a climber’s helmet, as well as construction & utility job sites, oil & gas, road work, forestry, mining and general site work. 

Need Class E? The Skullerz 8974-MIPS Safety Helmet offers the same protection with Class E compliance. 

Skullerz Safety Helmets with Mips® Technology Reduce Effects of Dangerous & Common Angled Impacts

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