Squids 3178 Locking Aerial Bucket Hook with Tethering Point

Squids 3178 Locking Aerial Bucket Hook with Tethering Point

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  • MEETS ANSI 121-2018 - Third-party certified to 40lbs // 18.14kg (total weight) static with a 5:1 safety factor and 7lbs // 3.2kg (tethering point) dynamic with a multi-drop safety factor
  • ATTACH TO BUCKETS TO HANG TOOL BAGS, BOARDS & MORE - For convenient gear access and prevention of dropped objects when working at heights
  • MAXIMIZES WORKING SPACE - Keeps gear up and out of the way in compact aerial buckets
  • SELF-LOCKING HOOK - Outer hook automatically locks when weight is applied to prevent unintentional opening (when released, gate pushes gear upward for easy removal)
  • MANUAL LOCK RELEASE - Thumb release required to unlock load
  • INTERIOR HOOK - For hanging aprons, tool boards or other gear inside bucket
  • EASY ON & OFF - Quickly and securely attaches to standard bucket lips, with or without a liner
  • DURABLE - High strength all-weather nylon 6 plastic supports weight up to 40lbs // 18.14kg
  • BONUS TETHERING POINT - For additional tool tethering
  • EASY TO USE - Large tabs for one-handed unlocking
  • VIBRANT ORANGE LOCK - For quickly identifying if the gate is locked or unlocked
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST BUCKET STORAGE SOLUTIONS - Hook fits standard grommets, including those on the Arsenal 5710 Bucket Truck Tool Board and 5844 Bucket Truck Tool Bag
  • TWO SIZES - Available in 2in // 5cm and 3in // 7.6cm (fits buckets with a liner)

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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Product Description

The Squids 3178 Locking Aerial Bucket Hook features a self-locking exterior hook, a non-locking interior hook and an enclosed tethering point to save space and prevent dropped objects when working in cramped buckets. Simply clip to the bucket lip for safe anchoring of tool buckets, bags, aprons, tool lanyards and other equipment. Built for durability in demanding environments, the heavy-duty nylon hook is compliant to a 40lbs // 18.14kg static hold with a 7lbs // 3.2kg dynamic drop rating for tool lanyards.

The self-locking outer hook with thumb release is designed for ease of use while providing the utmost security for tool storage and tethering. The self-locking gate automatically locks when weight from a bucket, bag or other load is applied, preventing unintentional opening. Once pulled up to unlock, the gate will release and push the gear toward the opening for easy removal. Large tabs make for simple one-handed use, while the vibrant orange color allows workers to easily identify whether the gate is locked or not.

In addition to the primary locking hook, this aerial bucket tool features an enclosed tethering point at the bottom for additional tool tethering. It also features an open-ended interior hook for hanging aprons, tool boards or other gear—keeping them up and off the bucket floor.


Rigorously tested and complies with the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard and third-party certified to 40lbs // 18.14kg static hold with a 5:1 safety factor and 7lbs // 3.2kg dynamic drop with a multi-drop safety factor to prevent falling objects.

The Squids bucket hook is built to withstand defined weight limits and is easy to use by any worker to avoid accidental dropped objects that could cause damage, injuries or possibly death. Safety bucket hooks are a part of an overall fall protection plan to reduce the risk of falling objects and increase workplace safety.

Available in two sizes: 2in // 5cm and 3in // 7.6cm (fits buckets with a liner). Can also be sold as a kit – Arsenal 5711 Bucket Truck Tool Board + 2-Pack of 2” Locking Bucket Hooks // Arsenal 5846 Bucket Truck Tool Bag (Small or Large) + 2-Pack of 2” Locking Bucket Hooks.

Ideal for work in bucket trucks, including telecom, transit, utilities, heavy infrastructure, cellular and fiber.

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Available colors


  • Black and Orange


  • Black
Available sizes 2in (5.1cm), 3in (7.6cm)
Available options Single, 2-pack Single, 2-pack
Max Weight Rating 40 lbs / 18 kg 35 lbs / 15.9 kg
Product Features Non-Marring Non-Marring
Product Type Anchor Attachment Anchor Attachment
Protection Non-Conductive Non-Conductive
Risk/Injury Falling Objects Falling Objects
Standards/Compliance ANSI/ISEA 121-2018