Proflex 360 Hard Shell Hinged Knee Pads - Non-Marring Rubber Cap

Proflex 360 Hard Shell Hinged Knee Pads - Non-Marring Rubber Cap

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  • MOVES WITH YOU - Free-moving hinge design fully extends to match the knee's natural movements, keeping protection comfortably in place when walking, crawling or kneeling
  • BUILT TO LAST - Heavy-duty shell and buckles for long-lasting use on tough worksites
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT - Thick closed-cell foam padding supports and cushion joints
  • NO BINDING - Straps sit further apart on thigh and calf to prevent uncomfortable binding
  • PROTECTION ON ANY SURFACE - Heavy-duty shell combined with non-marring cap makes for optimal performance on both abrasive surfaces and delicate surfaces
  • EXTRA-LARGE NON-MARRING RUBBER CAP - Soft cap completely covers knee to maximize stability and prevent floors from becoming marked or scratched
  • DURABLE LOCKING BUCKLES - Securely latch to prevent knee pads from sliding around when on the move
  • ADJUSTABLE - Thick elastic straps easily adjust for custom fit

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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Product Description

The ProFlex 360 Hard Shell Hinged Knee Pads feature an ergonomic hinge design that is built to keep protection comfortably in place whether walking, crawling or kneeling. The combination of a heavy-duty hard shell with a soft non-marring cap makes these pads versatile for protection on any indoor or outdoor surface—no matter how abrasive or delicate.  

Unlike other knee pads of this style on the market, the free-moving hinge design enables smooth and full 180-degree extension of the pad when straightening the knee. Thick closed-cell foam padding provides supportive all-day comfort, while the extra-large rubber cap maximizes surface area to increase stability and minimize risk of scratching or marking flooring such as tile or linoleum.  

Wide elastic straps easily adjust for a custom fit on a variety of leg sizes, and are designed to sit further apart on the thigh and calf to prevent uncomfortable binding. Tested to hold up to repetitive use on the toughest worksites, the durable locking buckles securely latch to keep these knee pads comfortably in place no matter which direction you move.  

Ideal for all-day knee protection and comfort on any worksite, including construction, HVAC, flooring, landscaping and more.


Freely & Comfortably Bend with the Ergonomically-Designed Proflex 360 Hard Shell Hinged Knee Pads


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