Squids 3133 Barcode Scanner Lanyard - Loop Attachment Replacements (10-Pack)

10 loop attachment replacements
For use with Squids scanner harnesses & slings: prevents drops, keeps barcode scanners close and ready. Image shows warehouse worker wearing harness and scanner. Text points to image and says “harnesses & slings sold separately.”
Includes ten loop attachment: eliminates need to switch out loops on every exchange. Image shows scanner sitting on box with ten loop attachments
Quickly exchange scanners: modular buckles easily clip and unclip to switch scanners. Image shows man switching scanner
Secure tethering: loop attachments securely connect to captive holes in scanner. Image shows detail in loop attachment
Fits most standard job site scanners. Image shows scanner and text points to it and says “scanner needs at least one captive hole”
Loop attachment on scanner
Detail of loop attachment on scanner

Squids 3133 Barcode Scanner Lanyard - Loop Attachment Replacements (10-Pack)

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  • QUICK, SECURE ACCESS - Prevents drops, keeps barcode scanners close and ready
  • INCLUDES TEN LOOP ATTACHMENTS - Connect to small captive holes built into cordless scanners, eliminates need to switch out loop attachments on every exchange
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Heavy-duty materials designed for harsh environments
  • MODULAR BUCKLES - Connects to small modular female buckle for quick interchanging
  • FITS MOST STANDARD JOBSITE SCANNERS - Barcode Scanner, QR scanner, UPC scanner, Product Scanner, Inventory Scanner, etc.
  • HARNESSES & SLINGS SOLD SEPARATELY - Squids 3132 Barcode Scanner Harness + Lanyard, 3138 Padded Barcode Scanner Harness + Lanyard, 3134 Barcode Scanner Sling Lanyard, 3137 Padded Barcode Scanner Sling Lanyard
  • WASHABLE - Hand wash and dry with mild soap and water

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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The Squids Barcode Scanner Harnesses and Sling Lanyards. Each loop attachment connects to small captive holes built into cordless barcode scanners, allowing them to hang comfortably on the hip when not in use. The attachments also prevent the scanner from being dropped, causing damage to the scanner, other items/equipment or workers on the job.

Each loop attachment affixes to the lanyard via a small modular female buckle that clips into a corresponding male buckle on the SquidsHarness or Sling.

These replacement loop attachments enable quick interchange for those who frequently use multiple cordless scanners while others are recharging, eliminating the need to switch out the loop attachment on every exchange.

Squids Barcode Scanner Sling Lanyards (3134 & 3137). It is ideal for attaching to cordless barcode scanners for work in warehouses, distribution centers, material inventory on construction and steel sites, airline baggage scanning and grocery/personal shopping.

Secure Multiple Scanners for Convenient Tethering with the Squids® 3133 Scanner Loop Attachments

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