Squids® 3704 Wire Tool Attachment - Loop Tool Tail­™ - 2lbs (6-Pack)

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Item#: 3704
  • Approved to the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard
  • Stainless-steel cable wire is corrosion resistant to withstand weathering
  • Orange PU coating over cable wire for added protection and durability
  • Easily loops to create a one-step attachment point
  • Designed to safety tether small captive holes on tools
  • Maximum tethering capacity of 2lbs // 0.9kg
  • Extended length 6in // 15cm

The Squids® 3704 Wire Tool Attachment has a loop end to securely connect tool lanyards to tools with small captive holes. Connection points for tool lanyards are not always readily available some tools, which can create hazardous environments while working at-heights. Tethering your tools should be a part of an overall fall protection plan to reduce the risk of dropped objects and increase workplace safety. The Loop Tool Tail™ is the unsung hero of most fall protection systems and is perfect for tethering tools like utility knives, small levels, speed squares, insulated pliers, and other tools with small captive holes.

The one-time assembly creates a quick and easy one-step attachment to connect a tool lanyard to tools with no attachment points. Simply loop the wire tool tail through a captive hole on the tool and loop it back through itself to create a connection point. No tape or shrink are necessary with this attachment solution.

The loop tool attachment is made of a strong stainless-steel wire that is corrosion resistant to withstand weathering and has an orange PU coating over the wire for extra protection and durability. It is 6 in. (15 cm.) in length and has a maximum tethering capacity of 2lbs. (0.9kg.). No tape or shrink wrap necessary to complete the attachment to a tool lanyard.