Squids® 3111F(x) Tool Lanyard - Dual Stainless-Steel Carabiners - 15lbs / 6.8kg

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Item#: 3111F(x)
  • MEETS ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 – Third-party certified to a 15lb / 6.8kg maximum working capacity with a 2:1 safety factor
  • SHOCK-ABSORBING – Design reduces the dynamic force on the body or other anchor point if drop occurs
  • STRETCHY, DURABLE ELASTIC BLEND – 1680-denier polyester elastic-blended webbing extends from 38-48in (96-122cm)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Reduces snag hazards and added weight
  • AUTO-LOCKING CARABINERS – #304 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant carabiner on both ends
  • CAPTIVE EYE DESIGN – Better predicts the direction of load on the carabiner
  • SINGLE-LENGTH CONSTRUCTION – Eliminates weak points seen with multi-component lanyards

The Squids® 3111F(x) Tool Lanyard features a stainless-steel auto-locking carabiner with a captive eye on both ends to tether tools up to 15lb / 6.8kg and prevent dropped or falling objects from occurring on the job.

This shock-absorbing lanyard is designed and tested to reduce the force on your body if a drop occurs by absorbing the energy transmitted through the tool lanyard. This design prevents the tool from pulling the user down with it by reducing the shock load, protecting those above as well as those below.

The low-profile design reduces snag hazards and is made from a durable 1680-denier polyester elastic-blended webbing that extends from 38 - 48in / 96 - 122cm. The high-strength 3-ply nylon stitching secures connecting ends for lasting durability.

When working at-heights, it’s essential to tether your tools. Fall protection lanyards are a piece of safety equipment designed to attach one end securely to a fixed anchor point, and the other to an appropriate attachment point on a tool by proper tethering.

These tool lanyards are built to withstand defined weight limits and can easily be used by any worker to help avoid accidentally dropping objects that could cause damage, injuries or possibly death. This tool tether is third-party certified to 15lb / 6.8kg maximum capacity and meets the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard. Perfect for those who need to tether their tools in industries like construction, telecommunications, oil and gas, power generation, utilities, wind energy, manufacturing or other jobs at heights.