Squids 3001 Retractable Tool Lanyard - Stainless-Steel Carabiner and Loop - 2lbs

Squids 3001 Retractable Tool Lanyard - Stainless-Steel Carabiner and Loop - 2lbs

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  • MADE TO SECURE HAND TOOLS – Lightweight manual locking stainless-steel carabiner anchor and a choking loop connects to tools weighing up to 2lbs / .9kg
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Retractable design limits snags, tangles and tripping hazards with an extendable length up to 48in / 122cm
  • TETHER MULTIPLE TOOLS – Modular connecting buckle to quickly exchange tools when used together with the Squids 3026 Loop Attachments Accessory 3-pack
  • SWIVELING DESIGN – Plated swiveling ring for 360-degree rotation works well with rotating tools to reduce tangles
  • LOCKS INTO FIXED LENGTHS – Self-setting pawls set desired lanyard length to take the tension out
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE // MADE FOR INDUSTRY PROS – ABS thermoplastic housing protects the internal components + Technora cord for ultimate strength and durability
  • TESTED & APPROVED – Third-party certified to meet ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard, 2:1 safety factor

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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Product Description

The Squids 3001 Retractable Tool Lanyard with Single Carabiner and Loop End is a lightweight and durable tool tethering solution designed to mount to the user’s belt or a separate anchor point. Using a retractable lanyard limits potential snag hazards compared to standard lanyards. This lanyard can tether hand tools weighing up to 2lbs / .9kg to prevent falling objects when working at-heights.

This retractable lanyard is made with a Technora cord for ultimate strength and durability. The durable ABS plastic housing is textured for better grip and is designed to protect the internal workings of the retractable. This retractable tether measures 48in / 122cm when fully extended.


The anchoring end of this self-retracting lanyard features a swiveling Squids manual locking stainless-steel carabiner connection for anchoring to D-rings or other anchor points. The connecting end of the cord has a choking loop designed with an energy-absorbing cord and tubular nylon webbing to secure to a hand tool weighing up to 2lbs / .9kg and has a connecting buckle clip to easily exchange multiple tools.

Set your working length by pulling the cord out to the desired length and tugging upward to lock the cord in place. Setting a fixed-length alleviates the constant tension on your tool while working. To retract, slightly extend the lanyard out a bit further to release the lock allowing the cord to retract again.


Tested and qualified to the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, these retractable safety lanyards have no equal. All tool lanyards are built to withstand defined weight limits and are easy to use by any worker to avoid accidentally dropped objects that could cause unwanted damage, injuries, or possibly death. Safety lanyards are a part of an overall fall protection plan to reduce the risk of falling objects and increase workplace safety. When working at-heights it’s critical to tether tools.



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