N-Ferno® 6802ZI Zippered Trapper Hat (Bump Cap Included)

Zipper trapper hat and bump cap insert
Zippered compartment for bump cap: lightweight protection against bump, scrapes, and bruises when working in cramped spaces. Graphics show bump cap insert (included) fitting into zippered compartment on trapper hat.
Designed for warmth in extreme conditions. Callout points to hat and says “windproof and water-resistant nylon”. Callout pointing to right side of hat says “40g 3M thinsulate”. Call out near bottom says “adjustable ear flaps”
Includes 8945 universal bump cap insert. Call out at top says “top of head interior padding”. Call out on left says “trim to fit”. Call out on right says “durable polyethylene”. Call out on bottom says “two way flex design”.
Chin strap: with YKK buckle for a secure, custom fit.
Icon says “machine washable”
Size chart. Graphic indicate that measurements are for circumference near top of head. Size S/M has dimensions 25.5in (65cm). Size L/XL has dimensions 27.1in (69cm).
Front of trapper hat on model
Back of hat on model
Front of hat
Back of hat
Front of bump cap insert
Side of bump cap insert

N-Ferno® 6802ZI Zippered Trapper Hat (Bump Cap Included)

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  • ZIPPERED COMPARTMENT FOR BUMP CAP INSERT – Compatible with 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert (included) for protection against bumps, scrapes, bruises and other minor head injuries
  • DURABLE NYLON SHELL – Windproof and water-resistant oxford nylon
  • THERMAL INSULATION – 40-gram 3M™ THINSULATE™ for superior warmth
  • ADJUSTABLE EAR FLAPS – Button down for increased warmth or up for improved hearing
  • REFLECTIVE ACCENT – Keeps workers seen and safe
  • CHIN STRAP – With YKK® buckle for an adjustable fit
  • TWO SIZES – Available in S/M: (23 3/8 in. around) or L/LX: (25 3/8 in. around)
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California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

Product Spec Sheet

The N-Ferno® 6802ZI Zippered Trapper Hat with Bump Cap Insert provides warmth from extreme cold, as well as lightweight protection from bumps, scrapes, bruises and other minor head injuries. Wear alone as a classic aviator hat or open the top zippered compartment to add the 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert (included) for work in cramped spaces.

This trapper hat features a windproof and water-resistant oxford nylon shell lined with 40 grams of 3M™ THINSULATE™ Insulation for comfortable warmth in extreme conditions. A water-resistant crown lining prevents sweat or moisture from being absorbed into the lining to keep you dry and warm. Ear flaps can be buttoned up for improved hearing through the small ear holes or down for increased warmth. A chin strap with YKK buckle makes for an adjustable fit, and a reflective accent on the back keeps workers safe and seen. Available in two sizes (S/M or L/XL) to fit a variety of head sizes.

Included with the trapper hat is a Skullerz® 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert. This impact-resistant shell is made of lightweight durable polypropylene and is designed with maximum ventilation for breathable airflow that doesn't compromise protection. An interior foam pad reduces impact but does not absorb odors for fresh all-day wear. Bump caps are typically worn in spaces where worker-generated impact head protection is needed, like low ceilings, beams, low pipes and other bump hazards.

For decades, the bomber hat has been the #1 choice for outdoorsmen on brutal late-season outings. Now, it’s also a smart choice for mechanics, airport workers and others needing head protection and warmth without the requirement of a bulky hard hat. Ideal for construction, baggage handling, mechanics, freight, mining, oil & gas, warehousing, refrigeration and more. Also great for outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, trekking, mountain climbing and hunting.

N-Ferno 6802Z Thermal Trapper Hat with Bump Cap Insert for Winter Head Protection

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